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The Man who will win the NOBEL


It is 13:00h in the afternoon,

                 having just arrived from Dublin Airport where my flight from Madrid landed just 30 minutes ago. I enter in the restaurant, classical Irish style where a waitress makes me reach the back table. There I sat, I look around me fascinated by the beauty of every single detail of this intriguing restaurant. After 10 minutes waiting, it appears, the man I am hoping for a nice meal and a chat about the exploits of his life. The door is opened, a woman removes his coat and there appears to him, John Banville. One of the most successful Irish authors in history, with awards such as the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters, the prestigious Booker Prize, the British Book Award for Author of the Year or among others, the Franz Kafka Prize as a writer.Con John Banville

My dream ceases to become a fantasy to come true. I’ll know the betting all the pools as the next Nobel Prize for Literature. After greet him, his kindness and gentleness makes me feel most comfortable. Out nerves! It is thenceforth good for nothing. Last night I finished reading one of his most acclaimed books, “The Black- eyed blonde“, a thriller that gets the detective Philip Marlowe, whose seed was planted one of the authors concerning my character, Raymond Chandler. We sat at the table and quickly we are served by waiters in the Pichet restaurant, which Banville account “it is one of my favorite writing sites , when I come I usually put at the table , stuck to the window where I look through the glass”. I am one of the three finalists for the Young Talents Journalistic Awards 2015 by Vanity Fair and as a reward for our award. Now, we are able to spend a few hours to talk face to face with the very creator of the best-known pseudonym Benjamin Black.

After breaking the ice, Banville begins to tell stories of his career, including occasional laughter winks at me to make me partaker of what he is saying. I am the youngest of the table and i am completely paralyzed, I can not stop listening to each of the stories that come out of his mouth. -You say that traveling has made him learn to write better and does not believe in Universities. What country has found further inspiration?. Attentive, looks at me and replied; -Do i say that? Then it will be true (laughs) I think every country has something, however, where my best writing is here at the corner of the restaurant. 

The conversation continues distended between talk and talk, I can imagine how that charming man with white hair and shy smile, a rather ironic humor (which says, never reading reviews that make his books or interviews granted media) writes some of the most famous lines of starring Dr. Quirke and adapted to the BBC television series. -Which is the secret of his books Banville? -There are mornings, even days , in which only i write a sentence on paper … and sometimes I delete it, because it is not good enough.

I definitely think that phrase has been one that has struck me most from this experience. The art of speaking, to write, to express, to thrill … In finally , the art of communication. A gift that John Banville handled seamlessly and with which gets fool anyone who takes five minutes to listen.

It is a serious, a little distant (at the beginning), but it is direct, clear and above all, he knows what saying every second. Or as they would say in the movies, “each frame”. In his last speech to collect the Prince of Asturias prize said, “The humans are made of sentences. With them we make love, even war”. Is there anything more literary and natural than that? No. And if there is, of course has its own name. His name Benjamin Black. Although honestly, I think after this trip to Ireland, I could discover John Black. The man, who told me in the last minutes of conversation, “The key it happens, when the work becomes something more entertaining, than entertainment in itself “


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